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Iron Gut Publishing specialises in creating limited and open edition art collections and collectibles for some of the worlds leading brands.

With master printers here in the UK, award winning designers, artists and consultants with decades of experience in brand building, Iron Gut Publishing are the ideal partners for licensing companies looking to generate additional press and public interest in a brand.

We supply independent art galleries, gift retailers, high street, mail order, online and specialist retailers. Artwork is available packaged for the gift market or framed for volume retail with each piece being accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from the brand.


2016 saw Iron Gut Publishing launch its gaming division, working with the global gaming brands to offer collectable gifts that will appeal to every budget within the gaming community, our partners include Microsoft, Capcom, Sega and Sony. 2018 saw a strengthening of our entertainment offering with the partnering of iconic film studio Universal Pictures, one of our initial gift products was nominated for GIFT OF THE YEAR 2018.


If your a retailer looking for healthy margins, big brand names and amazing looking product, just get in touch.

Latest News

Iron Gut Publishing signs a landmark agreement with Universal Studios. We will be releasing collections of limited edition hand numbered art prints as well as limited edition collectables featuring some of the most iconic films of all  time from one of the biggest studios in Hollywood.

'Affordable Collectables' is our mantra, we will be producing product that not only will fans desire but can easily afford.